Who am I?

(I sometimes wonder that myself)


It had to happen…

After all these years I’ve finally decided to climb on board the Blog Train. Even though I’m new to blogging, I’m no stranger to the internet. Been around the ‘net since 1984, back in the days of Compuserve, The Well, and BBSs. And my first computer was an Apple II Plus in 1981.

Writing ad copy and designing marketing campaigns puts food on the table and gas in the car, and I’ve been doing it professionally for the past 12 years. I have clients ranging from Law Firms to Maintenance Companies to Antique Malls to Motorcycle shops. I also write things for mass publication as well. Two self-help books, 5 short stories and am currently writing a True Crime novel. It’s titled: Mask of the Beast, The Life and Crimes of a Convicted Triple Murderer. Who knows, perhaps I’ll become the next Truman Capote author of In Cold Blood, but without the swish.

Recently transplanted from NYC, I’m 59, a Viet Nam vet, and several months after 9/11 moved to Southern CA with my gal pal and an unkempt mutt named Rascal.

I belong to the following professional writers groups: The California Writers Club (founded in 1909), The Southern California Writers Association, and the Pure Fiction League.

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