Perhaps the best print ad of all time…from 1963

Here is the classic automotive ad of all time. It was by David Ogilvy in his signature style showing one giant image dominating the top of the page and lots of ad copy below. Still regarded 45 years later as the best print ad ever created for an automobile, it is perhaps, the best print ad ever. I give it my highest rating of

The heading was superb and the sub-head led the reader into the first of 13 features each quickly followed, for the most part, by a short explanation of the benefit of that feature. Ogilvy said that he spent three weeks reading about the car when he came across a statement in the technical data that read “at sixty miles an hour, the loudest noise comes from the electric clock.” That became the headline followed by 607 words of factual copy. And a star was born.

I’ll take mine with the espresso machine and the bed (feature no. 11).

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