15 MAC vs PC ads from Apple.

You’ve probably seen some, or all of these, but they’re so good that I wanted to include them on my blog. They use humor, visuals…and common sense to get the point across. And the ads WORK.

Well, okay, I’m a bit biased here since I use a MAC, but these ads are some of the best to come out of Apple in many years. Great campaign.

But what makes these 30 second bits so persuasive? Anyone care to analyze them?

I’ll start…

The appearance of each actor is the first thing that strikes the viewer. The PC guy is dressed conservativly, is overweight, stuffy, and not particularly attractive. The MAC guy is dressed casually, is hip, trim, and cute. So even without any written copy, a viewer gets the point of the ad: PC’s are stuffy, bloated, and the OS is not particularly attractive and that the MAC is lean, cool, and attractive.

Anyone else care to chime in?


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