Jesus Camp freaked me out…can you say ‘zombies’

July 14, 2007

Just finished watching a documentary called Jesus Camp, about Evangelical Christians and their religious fervor. Filmed over a period of several weeks, this film follows Pastor Becky something or other to her children’s camp in the hills of North Dakota. It’s here that she and other members of her flock ‘brainwash’ kids as young as 4 and 5 years old into ‘giving our lives to Christ.’

Now I certainly have nothing against Christ or Christians or children, or even North Dakota for that matter. After all didn’t Rocky raccoon live there? But the content of this film made me sick.

The film stated that over 75% of children who are home-schooled in this country are Evangelicals. And they’re teaching their children that the literal translation of the bible is fact ie, that we came from Adam and Eve, and that Evolution is a crock of sh**. And these poor kids are soaking it all up and are becoming proselytizing miniature preachers before they even reach puberty. They had these kids speaking in tongues, writhing on the floor, their bodies contorted, tears streaming from their eyes…it was eye-opening to say the least.

Now there’s nothing wrong with teaching your kids certain beliefs, but for God’s sake (pun intended) let them know about the other side of the issues. Otherwise it’s brainwashing pure and simple.

And then the film went on to show that because George W has a strong religious faith that evangelicals should pray for him and pray for anyone he wants to appoint-in this instance it was Samuel Alito’s appointment to the Supreme Court. It went on to show Evangelicals supporting the Republican party en masse. Now that was more than a little scary.

Now I tend to lean toward the Conservative side on most issues and the Liberal side on some, but to find the Religious Right as fervent as this film portrayed them made me just a wee bit uncomfortable to be on the same side of the church pew on some issues.

I found them to be almost as radical as the fundamentalist Muslims that want to destroy us. The basic difference was that these kids didn’t have bombs strapped to their bodies…just bibles in their hands and a glazed look in their eyes. It made me think that if they were given bombs or guns, they would be almost- now remember I said almost-as dangerous as the radical Muslims.

I recommend you rent this film. If nothing else it will scare the bejesus out you.

Edwards and Clinton – Devious as they come…

July 14, 2007

Well, it seems the Dems are just as sneaky as the Republicans, doesn’t it?

I wonder how Hil and John will explain this to their rival candidates.